Monday, January 30, 2017

The Charisma Touch

I'm going to show you what it's all about. It's going to be dashing in elegance of not just manor of style but manor of color, touch of complex, the elegance of what an outfit would imagine it would be then again, Fashion or Flop

Sassy but yet elegance for day or night wearing. It's not a choice where black is always needed just for night out, gala or gimmick with your kambal's or Kembot's :) Just wear it, feel proud, and glamorous. It's not what other's should be thinking, it's what they compliment that makes your self-esteem fascinating.

My day outfit for today. I feel comfy, plus I feel the black and white today. I just merely got something together without even thinking about it. Fast thought, trained well. Shoe's by Ruston's Makati, Skirt by Ryan Lobo of New York and Top sheer soft and a touch of class.

It was a very windy day out... and I needed something to match my day, the color, style, and it needed to be sassy. I didn't want to look hot nor cold, so I picked this lovely outfit I bought at Renaissance in New York. The dress designer is Vera Wang. She's very famous and our design line of outfits, colors and sassy looks. It's a completion of your daily out and about. Keep in mind, shoe's can be universal. I'm wearing something different, which matches my purse :)

The completion of my day.... Let's eat I'm so hungry from my travel and new experiences here in the Philippines. It's my first visit and I've learned a lot from other Blogger's. I've met up with so many of them during Blogger United it was such a blast. Nosebleed hahaha I'm so out of touch with my ancestors language Bisaya. They don't even speak Tagalog funny, I guess it's a national language thing in each Province or area you go to. But lesson learned. It's always great to prepare yourself before you go abroad. It's unlikely you'll get a full grasp of their custom or culture. For sure it will be a culture shock because of how each of us has been raised in different countries. I felt I was like a Queen of an Island. I was greeted with warmth and love. I've built soooo many friends during my stay here in Cebu and now Davao. Many of you will wonder why I've chosen Davao for my next shoot. My photographer is with me and we'll be shooting some sassy shots with elegance of manor of style. Thanks for the experience and thank you my fans for this wonderful embrace of friendship and hospitality. Philippines it's not always gong to be glory but the food is something you gotta try. It's the taste of Fusion Filipino Foods really. Each Province makes the same foods but with a different kick to it.

Off to Davao City Jan 29th 2017